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Video Explanation of The Introvert Selling System

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Here are screenshots of just a few people's results with the ISS:

Sorting vs. Selling

This video explains the power of having so many prospects that you are able to SORT through them and cherry pick - and not have to SELL people who are not a fit.


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The Introvert Selling System has been our secret to scalable High Ticket sales on Facebook. Over the last couple years we have generated well over 50,000+ High Ticket Applications for ourselves and our agency clients with the ISS and Facebook ads.

Over that time, we've figured out how to deliver the best quality prospect at the best price for any high ticket business. In January we decided to teach the Introvert Selling System for the very first time.

We started selling the ISS as an $8k Coaching Program that lasted 8 weeks. The results of that program are that 11 out of 12 participants got clients from the method DURING the 8 week program.

If you have a high ticket sales business and you sell your product over the phone... then there is NO BETTER WAY to get qualified apps than the Introvert Selling System.

We use this system in our Clients Everyday Agency to generate anywhere from 5 all the way up to 60 apps per day for one of our clients.

If you are struggling to make a webinar work for getting apps - then you should give the ISS a try. It will change your life.

Below Are Just A FEW of the Agency Clients that have successfully used the Introvert Selling System to fill their Teams Sales Calendars...


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How About Some Video Proof?

Here Are 3032 Business Coaching Applications - Coaches who are looking for help growing their business:

How About Some More Video Proof?

Here are 682 Personal Trainer Apps - Personal Trainers who want to Grow their Training Business:

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How About Even More Video Proof?

Here are 1115 Digital Agency Apps - Digital Agency Owners who want to grow their Agency:

Ok this Video Proof is Getting Rediculous...

500 Applications the we Generated for the Million Dollar Dojo - a Martial Arts Dojo Owner Coaching Program:

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I Can Keep Going All Day...

612 Apps the We've Generated for Clients Everyday:

Ok... Last One. But We do have 20+ More Different Niches This Has Worked In:

329 Local Service Business Apps - Dentists, Chiro's, Plumbers, Electricians, Financial Planners, Attorneys & More...

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We have now used the Introvert Selling System for over 2 years for ourselves and our agency clients. During that time, this framework is responsible for TENS of MILLIONS of dollars in sales for us and our clients. You read that right.

So... you say... if it is so good, why would you ever teach it?

Good question. (It is the question I would be asking if I were reading this page right now)

There's a few reasons I am teaching it:

1. We aren't taking on any new agency clients in the coaching space.

As a matter of fact, we are scaling DOWN that business. We have a 7 figure agency running ads for less than 10 clients. Moving forward we are scaling the agency business down to a very select few clients that we will have a deeper partnership with... In other words, our agency will only work in a capacity which allows us to make 7 figures per client (of course while making the client multiples of that). So there is no fear of this getting saturated and stopping it working for us.

2. We are going to have time to do it.

Because we are only going to work with a very small group of agency clients, it frees us up to create the best courses with SPECIFIC USE CASES that are custom fit for your situation. That is what this course is... a specific use case on Facebook ads for phone sales.

How to run a specific kind of campaign on Facebook to get qualified appointments booked into your calendar.

If you sell your product, coaching or service with a telephone call, then there is NO BETTER Facebook ads course than this one. This method is made for your business.

3. For the money.

I am in this for the money. I don't like giving away my hard won intellectual property for free. But I propose a fair exchange.

The amount of money you make in business is in direct proportion to the value you create for your customers. There are different ways & levels to create value.

You can go very deep with a small number of customers and create a LOT of value for them. Because of this relationship and the value you create, you can charge a significant amount to these clients. That is what we have done with our agency. Our clients pay us anywhere from $10k per month up to $60k per month. And our average agency client has stayed with us for over 18 months. The increase to their sales is 10X to 100X what they have paid us. So it is a very fair trade.

So in this scenario... you have very few clients. You intimately know their business... There is a lot of personal communication and custom work. You create multiple millions of dollars in new revenue for them. You charge them low to mid six figures to do it. That has been our business model.

10 clients X $120k+ apiece (minimum) = $1.2M+ per year (minimum)

The second scenario... is to have more clients...

That is what we are doing here - right now - on this page. Rather than charge you over $100k per year to run your ads... this training will take you through the whole process. You get the benefit of our work developing this method. The benefit of a few million dollars spent using this method. The benefit of all our mistakes and learnings. And the benefit of the collaboration we have done with our agency clients which have taken the method even farther. Their great ideas that we implemented.

600 clients X $2k+ apiece = $1.2M+ per year (also)

So that is the idea. More clients. Charge them less. Probably have a more profound effect on their lives in general. More value created in the marketplace.

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Here's What You Get:

  1. 6 Week Training Program
    1. Week1: The ISS Post
    2. Week2: The Magical Survey
    3. Week3: The ISS Funnel
    4. Week4: The FB Ads
    5. Week5: The WarmUp
    6. Week6: Dialing in the Ads

  2. Funnel, Ad & Survey Templates
    1. The exact ISS Funnel we use - given to you
    2. Our best ad frameworks & templates (developed for our 7 & 8 figure clients)
    3. The exact Survey frameworks we use (developed over 50k surveys completed)


  1. Bonus#1: Over the shoulder videos of me and Taki Moore creating his ISS Post, his Magical Survey & his Payoff pages (warmup process).
  2. Bonus#2: Group Control - use FB groups to warm up your prospects fast.
  3. Bonus#3: ManyChat Mastery - set up a simple manychat flow that helps sort and warm up prospects at the same time.
  4. Bonus#4: Simple Sales System - the simplest phone close you have ever seen. That is closing 80% of my calls in less than 20 minutes.
  5. Bonus#5: The Hydra - The video ad system that has taken FB by storm. The full course that I have sold for $2k all this year - as a bonus for buying the ISS.
  6. Bonus#6: Lifetime access to the training.

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Last thing...

I am not some fly by night wanna be guru who wants to sell you some made up bullshit that doesn't work. I have been doing this business full time since 1997. Thats 22 years. I will still be here when a lot of these other guys have long gone back to some other hustle. If you buy this course and need help 2 years from now - I will still be around.

My guarantee to you is that this course works. I have not had a case where someone bought it and was not able to get it to work for their business. If you buy this course and run ads and can't get it to work and get you appointments - just let me know and I will gladly give your money back (or help you figure it out).

If you are ready to change your life - then I look forward to meeting you on the inside!

Your Instructor

Kevin Hutto
Kevin Hutto

Kevin Hutto is the founder of the Clients Everyday. At Clients Everyday we help people figure out lead generation and marketing strategy for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my business?
If your prospect spends time on FB then yes. It doesn't matter if it is B2B or B2C. The main criteria is that it works for people who are on FB.
Do you offer Refunds?
No. We do not offer refunds. If you are unsure if this course is for you, please reach out to [email protected]
Who has this worked for?
Look at some of the videos above and at some of the FB posts on my wall from my friends and you can figure out who we are running ads for and who it is working for....
Why are you selling this program this way?
If the ISS is so good... why aren't you using it to sell this program? Good question. The answer is that I don't want to do phone calls. I also don't want to hire and manage a phone sales team. If this sells without all that, I am willing to make up the difference in price in volume. If it does NOT sell like this... then I will hire a phone sales team and sell it that way... at 5X the price it is here.

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